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hi, I’m Kat!

Ever since I was a young, I collected Travel + Leisure and National Geographic magazines and dreamed of far away places. While I may have grown out of some things, my love for travel and outdoor exploration is still with me and with it has grown a passion for photography and content creation. This website is where I can share these passions with you.

Whether you are here to view my travel guides (itineraries to a few my favorite places made just for you!), check out my photography portfolio (I specialize in adventure travel photography), or view my content creation services (check out my past client work for brands like Merrell, Vrbo, Polaris Adventures, SafetyWing  and more!), you are in the right place – Welcome!




Brand Work


 Looking for unique content that represents your brand’s individual style? I’m passionate about creating professional photography and videography to take your brand to the next level by telling an engaging visual story!

Whether you’re an individual or business looking stunning short film to take your brand viral on your social channels (I have created multiple short-form videos, including sponsored content that organically received over 1M views!) or for creative photos for your website, marketing pieces, or print, I’m excited to partner through the complete creative process, start to finish.

I specialize in creating content for adventure travel and outdoor lifestyle content for brands in the travel industry such as Vrbo, Merrell x REI, Polaris Adventures, SafetyWing, AvantStay, Babbel, GoCity, and more! Sound like you? Let’s see what we can create together.

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Hi – I’m your new travel planning friend! You know, the one that likes to create pages-long Google Docs and do hours of research before travleing anywhere?! Yep, that’s me! & I want to pass all of that knowledge onto you 🙂

I’ve compiled my best travel guides and itineraries in partnership with Thatch, a free travel app that let’s me share specific recomendations with you! From my favorite hiking trails, waterfalls, hot springs, accomodations, and outdoor hidden gems, these guides are crafted for adventure travelers (like me!) to provide you in-depth details of my favorite places.

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Looking for America’s most epic road trip? Then you can’t miss my latest video on my road trip from Utah through Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains and up to Glacier National Park!

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