What’s included in my Glacier National Park Guide?

The first time I stepped foot in Glacier National Park, I just knew it was going to be a special place! With bright blue glacial lakes, snowy mountain peaks, tons of wildlife, miles of hiking trails, backcountry chalets, and incredible scenic views, it quickly jumped to the top of my favorite national parks list! & now I’m sharing alllll the details of how I planned my visit with you!

After spending hours of online planning research and and learning from my in-person experience, I did all of the digging for you and compiled the must-know information, from best accommodations to the top hikes and things to see, and put them in one place in this guide! It’s packed full of insights to help you plan your entire Glacier trip!

Here’s a few highlights of what you’ll get when you purchase the guide: Instructions and insider tips on how to get reservations for the famous Going-To-The-Sun Road (including the trick that helped me get my ticket super last minute!!)

  • Over a dozen outdoor activities (including 11 insane hikes, the best stops to make along the Going-To-The-Sun Road, and other park highlights)
  • Booking links to 15+ accommodation options including including nearby hotels, glamping experiences, unique AirBnBs, park campgrounds, backcountry chalets, and where I stayed during my own trip
  • Direct links to every resource you could possibly need to plan your trip including every hiking trail’s AllTrails page so you can stay up to date with the latest trail conditions
  • Exclusive photos & videos from my in-person experince in the park
  • Fun features such as an interactive map, directions that connect directly to your phone’s Google or Apple Maps app, and the exact coordinates to some of my favorite hidden gems
  • Mobile friendly interface when you download the Thatch Travel App for free so you can access all of the info right from your phone (no paging through a guide book needed!)
  • & ready for the best part? It’s only $5 !!! It’s the cheapest guide I have ever (& probably will ever 🙃) release!

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Now let’s get you your Glacier National Park Guide!

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