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National Park

Experience pristine glacial lakes, snow-capped mountains, and stunning trails!

Glacier National Park is truly one of the most incredible places I have visited in the US and quickly jumped to the very top of my favorite National Parks list! With 700 miles of trails, 24 different glaciers, incredibly diverse landscapes, and a wide array of wildlife, this is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts!

After exploring this area in-depth and learning the ins-and-outs of the vehicle reservation system, I have gathered allll of my research and my in-person experience and poured it into this comprehensive travel guide! These guides are all about self-guided adventure travel. Aka packed with activities like incredible hiking trails, the best spots along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and unique accommodations. 

In all my guides, I share:

  • EXACT locations on an interactive in-app map (that links directly to your phone’s Google or Apple Maps)
  • Hidden gems that I do not share the names of on social Media and have found through hours and hours of research
  • My not-sponsored, honest opinions on places that I have personally been and know well
  • Suggested accommodation options with direct links to book straight from the guide including where I personally stayed
  • Information, links and resources to everything you need to plan your trip all in one mobile-friendly place that you can access straight from your phone!

Check out the exact details of everything that is included in my Glacier National Park guide below!

You can also find customer testimonials and an FAQ section (including instructions on how to use the Thatch app) below!



Glacier National Park: A Hiking guide & Driving the going-to-the-sun road

This Glacier National Park guide is specifically catered to the West Glacier, St. Mary’s, and Many Glacier Entrances/areas of the park during the warmer months. I crafted it to help you navigate all the logistics of the newly implemented the vehicle reservation system. This is also my cheapest guide at only $5!! Here’s exactly what you can expect in the guide:

  • Instructions and insider tips on how to get reservations for the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road & Many Glacier Entrance (including the exact secret trick that helped me get my tickets last minute and how you can still access the park even without vehicle reservations!!)
  • Over a dozen outdoor activities (including 11 insane hikes, the best stops to make along the Going-To-The-Sun Road, and other park highlights)
  • Accommodation suggestions including nearby hotels, glamping experiences, unique AirBnBs, park campgrounds, backcountry chalets, and where I stayed during my own trip


“Going to Glacier this summer, and your guide has already helped so much with planning!”

- Kimberly

“The itinerary is very detailed. Love the pictures, videos, and All Trial tracking was included”

- Mary

“Absolutely love this, was so helpful for our trip! Thank you!!”

- Mercedes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download the Thatch App to use the guides?

While it is not required to download the Thatch app, it is highly recommended! Not only is the Thatch app free to download, but it also makes the guides mobile friendly meaning you can take your guide with you on the go! Downloading the mobile app allows you to use the interactive map feature, save the guides to your library and easily access all of the links I include! You can download the Thatch app here. It works on both iOS and Android systems. You can view the guides via your web browser if you would like to explore the guides first before downloading the app 🙂

What kind of travel budget do the guides cater to?

While my guides are built to be flexible in order to cater to a variety of budgets, I focus on the lower to mid-range budget category since that is how I travel! The guides allow you to choose your accomodations and activities so that you can control where and what you want to put your budget towards. The location of the guide iteself also contributes to total travel budget.

The majority of activities I include have a low entrance fee or are free, but I also include a few more expensive activities options as well if that is your style. For accomodations, I typically include a variety of Airbnb options, boutique hotels, hostels, and glamping experinces ranging from $50 a night to $250 a night (with the majority falling in the middle).

However, I do think if you are looking for high-end vacations with luxury resorts, yatch trips, and private jet transportation – these are probably not for you!

Is it a strict itinerary I have to follow?

No! While I do suggest the number of days to spend at each location to get a good experince, these are flexbile, self-guided trips and are in no-way a strict itinerary. They are designed for you to pick and choose what you want to do each day and for how long you go for. I provide TONS of activities at each location so that you can pick ones that align best with you/fit your timing!

Do you update the guides?

Yes! These are living guides – which means you will receive all updates to the guides thatt I provide after you purchase them. I plan on updating the guides whenever I acquire new information or experinces related to the location 🙂 

Do I only have access to the guides for a specific amount of time?

You will have lifetime access to the guides aka for as long as the app and I are around (hopefully a very long time!) 

Are any of your guides sponsored?

Nope! All of these guides are straight from me – meaning they are all my unfilitered opinion and experinces! If I include any kind of affliate link or a company I have worked with, I will make sure to call that out so that you know!

Have you been to all of these places?

Yes! I only create guides on places I have personally been and know well. Within the guides, I include both activities that I have done myself as well as those that are on my bucketlist for next time I visit (since I don’t always have time to do everything on my list)! I will always call out the ones I have not done yet and provide you the exact resources you need to experience them yourself!


Can I get a refund?

Unfortunatley, becuase this is a digital product, I do not offer refunds. However, I do include a feedback link in each guide and would love to know what I can improve on in the guides to make them better for you!

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