Dec 18, 2019 | Latin America

Puerto Rico: 5 Must-Visit Locations

My first-time visiting Puerto Rico, I spent 10 days road tripping around the island, exploring its every nook and cranny. I fell in love so hard and so fast with this place that I returned less than a year later.. If you are American, you have no excuse not to visit – no passport needed! If you are not American, you still have no excuse not to visit! Puerto Rico’s Latin culture mixed with stunning natural wonders make it an unbeatable spot. It is one of only 3 places in the world that boasts a “bio bay” aka a body of water that contains bioluminescent algae which makes the water glow like stars with movement. After spending almost 3 weeks on this island, I have gathered together my 5 favorite places that every visitor must add to their Puerto Rico itinerary:

1. Old San Juan

Old Town San Juan stands out in my mind due to its bright and colorful streets. Every building is painted a different shade of blue, orange or pink. The cobblestone streets send you back in time and if that isn’t enough, there are also castle-like fortresses. A few of my favorite activities in San Juan include:

  • Getting Lost in Old Town: Its small enough that you can wander the whole thing on foot
  • Visiting Castillo San Felipe del Morro: This fortress has the best view of the city as its walls are met by the crashing waves of the Carribean
  • Explore by Water: This city is an ideal spot to go sailing. Take a sunset sail out to the bay as you watch the sun sink over the ocean.

2. Mosquito Bay

This bioluminescent bay is one of 5 in the world and is the brightest in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico contains 3 total!). The best way to experience this natural wonder is by booking a kayaking tour as it is illegal to swim in the water yourself. The paddling motion of the kayak is what lights up the water and it is almost like floating on stars. It is the number 1 thing I would suggest while visiting PR!

3. Vieques

There are two main islands that sit off the east coast of Puerto Rico – Culebra and Vieques. While I haven’t been to Culebra, Vieques was a highlight of my trip to Puerto Rico. These beaches had the bluest water I have ever seen. Not to mention the island is home to herds of wild horses! 

4. El Yunque

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the United States and therefore must be on this list! With a variety of hikes, there are plenty of ways to see the many waterfalls, tropical plants, and lookout points. 

5. Rincon

Rincon is a surf town with major hippie vibes. It is located on the opposite side of the island from San Juan but is still worth the few hours drive to visit.  The waves were big and food trucks were yummy – what more do you need?

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